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Copper Bracelet OJ
  • Copper Bracelet OJ

    VAT Included

    The copper bracelet OJ with a triple spiral, handmade in Slovenia from electrolytic pure copper, will help you maintain health, prevent pain in the hands, problems with arthritis, carpal syndrome, … because copper has an anti-inflammatory effect.

    The spiritual properties of copper have been known since history. It is the metal of love, visualization and manifestation. The three right-handed spirals incorporate the power of the golden ratio, supporting positive purposes of living and creativity.

    The copper bracelet OJ is hand forged and therefore without sharp edges, if green spots appear on your hand while wearing it, it is due to the PH of the skin and it is easy to wash with water. During wear, trace copper is excreted through the skin, during monthly wear for 3 days.

    The bracelet patinates over time and gets a darker colour. Patina is a natural self-protective layer on copper, which has no negative effects on living organisms, but is a guarantee for longevity and protection of this precious metal.

    The shape is asymmetrical, unique and naturally adapts to the wrist. It can be worn loosely.

    Each bracelet is handmade, so there may be minimal deviations in appearance. It is available in three sizes.

    It is the handiwork of the master of copper products Tomaž Kvasnik.

    • Details:

      Material: 100% electrolytic copper

      Weight; 9g


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