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Easy gardening with OJ Bron

​Due to the properties of copper, working with our tools is especially pleasant. The tools are light, functional and aesthetically well thought out for anatomical and long-lasting use.

The soil does not stick during the work on the tool because it has a low coefficient of friction, so working with it is much easier. All our products are carefully tested and we always follow the rule of the golden ratio when designing, so all OJ Bron models are stable and balanced.

Copper has a very positive effect on soil water storage, as it ionizes surface water when working with it, increasing the surface tension of water, thus preventing rapid evaporation and greatly facilitating the pumping of water to plants. This greatly contributes to the quality of the soil and crops.

Copper garden tools are intended for use on cultivated fertile soil, for vegetable and flower gardens, flower beds, high beams, in vineyards and parks. Individual models also for larger cultivated fields. We recommend the use of copper tools to all gardeners and farmers, including those using permaculture, electroculture and biodynamics, as our tools due to its specific properties allow gentle and careful care, rapid healing of the soil and complements well with organic, biodynamic and agro-homeopathic preparations, because they do not interfere with their information and healing potentials.

We do not recommend all models of copper and bronze tools for cultivating unspoiled terrain or for cleaning the root systems of trees and shrubs. Due to its strong design, the Russian Lada hoe is especially suitable for heavier work.

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