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Maintenance and cleaning

Tools made of copper or copper alloys do not require special maintenance, as they do not rust or decay.

Be careful; the edges of some of our tools (sickle Miroslav and Ljubimir, garden knife Rarog) are very sharp when purchased and remain so for a long time. If you want to sharpen them later yourself, we recommend the technique of forging along the edges, which further strengthens the material or simple sharpening with a whetstone. You don't need to sharpen other tools as copper has 30% less friction. It glides smoothly through the soil and does not cut the roots of weeds. 

It is recommended that you do not leave the tools directly in the sun or rain.

Copper garden tools OJ Bron are flexible and elastic, so they can easily return to their original shape in the event of deformations. Because of this, there is no fear of the tool breaking. In case of major deformations, the tool can be aligned with a hammer. This further tightens the tool. However, we are always here for you to claim the warranty in case of problems.

As copper and copper alloys gain toughness through mechanical use, the tools become more and more powerful with regular use.

Because the tools are made by hand, there may be minor deviations in appearance and finish.

It is important that copper tools do not come into contact with acids such as acetic, fruit, uric, etc., as in an acidic environment verdigris can form on the material, which is toxic.

If the connection of wooden parts weakens, we recommend that you soak top of the tool in clean water for about 20 minutes to allow the wood to absorb moisture again.

Copper garden tools do not need to be cleaned or in any way remove the patina which is a protective layer. However, if you want to restore the red glow, we recommend the use of vinegar solution. You can also immerse the tool without the handle in pure alcohol vinegar for a few hours. After cleaning, it should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water and wiped dry.

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