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Introducing the Copper Sickle Ljubimir, a large harvest bronze sickle designed for efficient gardening. Crafted and curved in the traditional style, this sickle is made with a copper alloy that prevents plants from oxidizing when cut, allowing for the retention of color, odor, and active ingredients when stored and dried. Whether you're harvesting herbs, flowers, or other plants, the Copper Sickle Ljubimir is the perfect tool for the job. Check out our video tutorials on our website to see the outlook and peening process of this high-quality gardening tool. With its durable construction and traditional design, the Copper Sickle Ljubimir is a must-have for any avid gardener. Outlook  Peening Sharpening

Copper Sickle Ljubimir

VAT Included
  • Material: copper alloy - bronze, ash wood
    Size: 38 x 22,5 x 22 cm
    Weight: 0,300 kg

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